Week 1 I am now reading a book called "Crescendo". I promise to read my book atleast an hour everyday for the rest of the semester and always bring it to class where I will be prepared to read even there for the extra time that our teacher gives us. If by any chance I wont be able to read my book for an hour on whichever day, I will make up that day by reading extra on a day that I have more time.

Week 2 A) Darren Shan 1) Character traits: 1. Smart 2. Family-Oriented 3. Kind 4. Respectful5. Popular 6. Talented 7. Brave 8. Friendly 9. Loveable 10. Dangerous 2) Dangerous- "I'd broken both of Danny's shinbones. His lower legs were bent awkwardly and the skin around the shins was torn." 3) a) Darren is a half vampire but doesn't want to be one and doesn't want to drink human blood. b) He won't drink human blood so therefor he is about to die and only has a week left to live. c) Everyone like Darren and thinks he is a good friend and a kind person in general. Although his "vampire coach" Mr. Crepsley thinks that Darren is a young and foolish kid that will just end up dying. d) Everyone is nice to Darren, and when he asks for a favor, they do it. Mr. Crepsley is very strict around him and also very protective of him. B) Darren Shan is the main character of this book (also known as protagonist) and the story revolves around him. Darren is a smart and good kid. In the beginning, he was a perfect that would rebel and have the perfect grades. His best friends name was Steve and he was the total opposite of Darren. One night, a very dangerous spider bit Steve, and Darren gets help from a vampire. Unfortunately, that vampire wouldn’t help unless Darren became a half a half vampire. Darren fakes a death and leaves with the vampire and they travel the world with a freak show. Darren never likes the fact that he’s a vampire and regrets becoming one. He refuses to drink human blood and only drinks animal blood. The only problem is, he has to drink human blood or he will die very soon. While he travels with the freak show, he makes many friends and a lot of people like him as a person. He rarely admits that he is a vampire becomes he is ashamed of it and he thinks that no one will talk to him or like him.
Week 3 How frequently am I reading? 3 How much am I enjoying my book? 5 How good of a job did I do selecting my book? 5 Have I been successful at reading regularly? 3 Would I like to spend more time reading? 4

Week 4

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